Master's Theses

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Thesis - campus only access

Date of Award

Summer 1978

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Master of Arts (MA)




John C. Thomas


This thesis is a statement in painting of subjects that have made an impression on the artist. I believe all artists draw upon past experiences either consciously or unconsciously in making their statement. The experiences of my past have a significant influence on my painting. Having spent my childhood on a small Kansas farm, I feel a close attachment to the rural setting. I find the old, the weathered, the abandoned, and the neglected to have a character that cannot be found in the new and the manicured. However, my paintings are not solely devoted to the rural setting, as I believe the artist should remain flexible in both media and approach. I occasionally choose subjects from my travel or from the German villages where I have lived the past five years. When using the German subjects for paintings, I’m again drawn to the rural areas or to small farm villages. Just as in the States, I find the older sections of the villages to have far more character than the sterile blocks of concrete found in the new structures.


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Copyright 1978 Ronald G. Hosie

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