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Master of Science (MS)


Seven and eight-year-old, male, second grade pupils served as the subjects for the experiment. Each pupil was exposed to three conditions: 1. fast tempo music; 2. Slow tempo music; and 3. silence. The hypothesis that activity rates increase during exposure to fast musical tempo and decrease during exposure to slow musical tempo was not confirmed from the data, F (2,40) = 2.28, p) .10, but a significant increase in overall activity rate was shown from test to retest periods, F (1,40) = 5.71, p <.05. In addition, a significant degree of variation from one another in overall activity rate, F (5,40) = 5.93, p < .01, and a significant difference existed when pupils' activity rates for all days within the test period and all days within the retest period were considered, F(20,40) = 5 . 49, p < .01. A critical analysis of the experiment is given, and suggestions for further research are offered.


James Ryabik

Date of Award

Spring 1977

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Thesis - campus only access


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