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Master of Science (MS)


A portion of the eastern distributional boundary of Cerutoides lanata (Pursh) Howell, commonly referred as winterfat, is located in northwestern Kansas. However, because only a general description of its location in Kansas exists, a study was conducted to determine the extent of distribution in counties in which the species occurred. Sightings of winterfat stands in four counties were recorded and mapped with site locations and legal descriptions. Five stands of winter fat were selected for ecological studies on the basis of topography, homogeneity of vegetation, intensity of past use, and size. Characteristics of stands such as slope, exposure, species composition, basal cover, frequency, mean height, mean width, age, and sex distribution of winterfat plants were variable among stands. Soil samples from inside and outside of each study site were analyzed and significant variability existed in their chemical composition. Germination and seedling vigor tests on four levels of sodium and calcium chloride and in different soils indicated that winterfat seeds were more tolerant of calcium and that the percent survival, height of stems, length of roots, and leaves produced on seedlings were not inhibited in soils from outside the stands.


G. K. Hulett

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Summer 1977

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Thesis - campus only access


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