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Master of Science (MS)


Previous studies have shown that the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) has a high drop-out rate and this had been related to low GPA’s, procrastination, and quiz-retaking. Data were collected form two PSI classes on the number of times the students attended class, grades, and GPAs. Subjects were 144 students at Fort Hays Kansas State College. An analysis of variance indicated that students with high GPAs get more grades of A and B and students with low GPAs get more grades of I or W. Correlations revealed a strong positive relationship between units complete and grades received in the PSI class, GPA and final grade. Weak negative relationships between total days to finish the class and grades were also found. Descriptive statistics revealed students with I or W retake quizzes more often; have a slower rate of progress, and drop out more often. The study concluded that students who do not finish probably have low GPAs and retake quizzes more often, and procrastinate.


Robert Markley

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Spring 1977

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Thesis - campus only access


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