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Master of Arts (MA)


My fundamental aim for painting the human form is objectivity. In so doing I try to capture an emotional attitude or mood in the subject by the use of color and expression of line. I work realistically in all my work. Impressionism has been a major influence, especially Toulouse-Lautrec. His selection of an unexpected angle on the subject, thereby giving his pictures immediacy, his virtuosity in depicting movement and use of his “shorthand” techniques rooted in draftsmanship have affected my own work. I use pure color and omit black, gray, and brown. Blue is my primary color, mainly because of the depth it gives to the dark areas. In my subject matter I try to paint the subject as honestly as I can. Indulgence in physical, social, or moral criticism is not done. Proportions are demanding and I try to distort as little as possible. My paintings and drawings go hand in hand and when I paint I rely heavily on live rather than modeled forms.


Eugene Harwick

Date of Award

Spring 1976

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Thesis - campus only access


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