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Master of Science (MS)


A group of 35 adult medical-surgical patients were administered the Hospital Experienced Control Scale (HECS), a 12 item questionnaire modeled on the Experienced Control (EC) Scale. The HECS was presented to the Ss twice, while they were patients and after they were discharged. The HECS contained questions about three situations: 1) When in the hospital (IH); 2) when not in the hospital (NH); and 3) when with other people (OP). There were four EC components: 1) from internal (FI); 2) over internal (OI); 3) over external (OE); and 4) from external (FE). Two randomized block factorial ANOVAs were performed; one for score means, and one for ratio means (OI/FI and OE/FE). When significant interaction results were discovered for main effects, simple main effects tests were performed. For score means, significant differences at the .05 level were found for 11 of 18 possible simple main effects. For ratio means, significant differences were found for 7 of 14 possible simple main effects. The results confirmed the difference of the IH situation from the other two situations but only demonstrated a few differences between the two presentations. The results were discussed in relation to sociological and psychological approaches and for the light they shed upon the experience of medical-surgical patients relative to the hospital as an institution.


Phyllis G. Tiffany

Date of Award

Summer 1976

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Thesis - campus only access


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