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Thesis - campus only access

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Spring 1976

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Master of Science (MS)




Robert Nicholson


Portions of an ungrazed clay upland range site and an ungrazed limy upland range site were burned on 16 April 1974 and 1 May 1974. Soil water, herbage yield, species basal area, and frequency were compared with unburned controls for the two following growing seasons. Results varied according to treatment, site, and year, but in general the earlier treatment reduced production while the later treatment increased it. Production was correlated with soil water on limy upland. The amount of litter on the plots appeared to affect soil water and herbage production. Species composition was not changed on limy upland and was usually lower in condition rating on clay upland. Results of this project, along with other studies in the same area, indicate that burning usually is not worthwhile as a management practice in west-central Kansas.


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