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Thesis - campus only access

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Fall 1976

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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science


Dr. Patrick F. Drinan


In this paper an integration theory is used combining the threshold theory of Stanley Hoffman and the crisis theory of Louis Pye. The threshold theory maintains that there are propitious times in history when national and international goals of integration are more likely to be achieved. Consequently, integration, if not achieved at that advantageous moment, will fail or fall back to a more basic unit. The crisis theory of Louis Pye suggests a six crisis applicable to a nation’s growth ranging from a legitimacy crisis to a distribution crisis. The ability to handle these crises, preferably in a sequential manner, determines the ability of a nation to establish itself as a viable political community. The combination of these two theories result in a more through explanation of why the U.A.R. disintegrated when it did. Such an application of these theories explains the disintegration as an unavoidable conflict of crises occurring at a decisive period in the history of the U.A.R.


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