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Master of Arts (MA)


The title of the artist's thesis emerges from ideas, thought patterns and physical means that I have received from my art work. I do not label the art work sculpture. I call these life works. I do this because I feel that I have put life into each of my sculpture. I have tried to bring the life aspect out, to give each piece its own identity. Everyone seems to be impressed or possessed with identity. The subtle changes of line and form can change the identities of the different works. The main theme that has emerged in each life work is the point of departure, that being faces. Each face has the same basic features; eyes, nose, and mouth. With slight line and some form changes, each work contains its own identity. Each identity, whether it may b e age, fear, or lifelike characteristics, pushes out a feeling of human virtues. The virtues I have created are true feelings that have been placed in permanence. A permanence that can be enjoyed as virtues should be. I hope my identities are different in each piece even though the mediums and points of departure are similar. The use of metal and plastic has helped me in formulating the identity of the different works. I am using mediums that are not human like and very often cold and hard. This difference has magnified the life that I want to create. Life identities are warm, soft, and changing . With the use of the different cold and hard mediums I have created a life and identity that will always be the same. The emergence of the different identities that I have created travel parallel with my life, creative and personal. I feel like my work, I am emerging as a person with new and different identities. Always striving for more.


James Hinkhouse

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Spring 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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