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Master of Science (MS)


Two factor analyses were conducted on the functions that master's level clinical psychologists perform, and on their employers' preferred training models as indicated by questionnaires returned from 400 mental health agencies west of the Mississippi River. The first analysis, for all facility types, extracted seven factors which were labeled Outpatient Therapy, Inpatient Therapy, Community Mental Health, Research Assistant, Inpatient Ward Management, Psychological Testing, and Other Functions. A second factor analysis on the data returned from community mental health centers produced six factors: Outpatient Therapy, Inpatient Therapy, Ward Management and Research, Research Assistant, Psychological Testing, and Community Mental Health. The factor structures of the two analyses were quite similar in terms of their apparent meanings. The results of this study support the belief that master's level clinical psychologists are performing traditional clinical functions such as psychotherapy, psychological testing, and research, as well as functions associated with the more recent community mental health model. The results were viewed as an important step toward more rational, job-oriented curriculum development for master's level clinical psychologists.


Ronald G. Smith

Date of Award

Summer 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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