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Master of Arts (MA)


As with all that is important and meaningful, t o be of value and significance, a creative response must have purpose, direction, and coherence. So it is with this thesis: the purpose of my creative work at the graduate level was to pursue, discover, and evaluate the inter - action of transparency in the serigraph. Though there are many avenues t o approach the silkscreen process; though there are multiple uses f or the technique; though the serigraph has many faces in today's art world ; I have chosen this thesis both because of its "painterly11 quality and because of its unusual approach in the contemporary art scene. In addition to the written rationale, the pictorial representations of serigraphs included in this thesis exhibit most accurately and clearly the purpose, direction, and coherence of my thesis statement .


Kathleen Kucher

Date of Award

Summer 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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