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Master of Science (MS)


This study examined the effects of parent characteristics on the success or failure of a behavior modification project with their children. The subjects were parents enrolled in a Behavior Modification for Child Management course at Fort Hays Kansas State College. Each parent was required to carry out a modification project with her child as part of the requirements for the course. The parents were taught the basic techniques of behavior modification, and the practical application of these techniques. They were also offered the benefit of home consultation by the instructors. Each participant was required to record not only her child’s behavior, but also her own behavior in response to the child’s behavior. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of parent characteristics on their child’s behavior, close attention was paid to these characteristics relative to success or failure of each parent’s project. It was found that though recording their behavior in response to their children’s behavior, parents were made aware of what aspects of their own behaviors were influencing their child’s behavior. The four change programs that were completed were all successful, and the parents reported an increase in their knowledge of behavior modification techniques. This was an indication of the success of the class.


Robert Adams

Date of Award

Fall 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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