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Master of Science (MS)


This experiment compared the separate effects of behavior modifications (Stamps System) and drug therapy (Ritalin) in producing a calming effect in a hyperactive child during speech therapy. An intellectually normal seven-year-old Caucasian child served as the subject. The behaviors to be modified were (1) Out of seat behavior defined as completely leaving the chair; (2) Playing with instructional materials when not specifically being told to do so. An attempt was also made to increase the subject’s skills in the area of auditory attending through a “listening” exercise. The experiment was divided into two treatment phases each of which was preceded by baseline sessions. A calming effect as measured by the frequencies of the target behaviors was graphically evaluated for each treatment. The results supported the hypotheses that the token system would produce more of a calming effect than would drug therapy on all target behaviors. Although both treatments were found to be effective, the Stamps System was more effective and more consistent than was drug therapy.


Robert Adams

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Spring 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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