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Master of Science (MS)


The King, Sora, and Virginia Rails were studied at the Cheyenne Bottoms Waterfowl Management Area in Barton County, Kansas in 1974. An auditory index of these three rail populations was attempted with the use of tape-recorded calls. It is believed that the auditory index technique can be applied to breeding Virginia Rail populations. Because of a paucity of responses, no conclusions could be made as to the suitability of such a technique for use on King Rail and Sora populations. To further investigate rail movements, rails were trapped from 6 June to 10 October. A total of 39 King Rails, three Soras, and 225 Virginia Rails was trapped and banded. Conservative population estimates of the King and Virginia Rail populations were made. Adult King Rails were estimated to number between 20 and 40 pairs and adult Virginia Rails between 200 and 400 pairs. Nesting observations were made on a total of three King Rail nests, one Virginia Rail nest, and one Sora nest. Percentage composition of plant species was determined for each study area. A notation of plant species and depth of water was made for each individual rail observation (both visual and auditory) in an effort to determine habitat preferences.


Charles A. Ely

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Fall 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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