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The purpose of this study was to investigate elementary remedial reading programs in western Kansas. Survey questionnaires were designed as the instrument for obtaining information. Questionnaires were mailed to the 118 administrators of the school districts of the First Congressional District of Kansas. Included in this mailing was a questionnaire for the reading teacher in each district. Responses were received from 80.5 per cent of the administrators, and 61 per cent of the reading teachers. The major findings of the administrative questionnaires revealed information pertaining to the number of programs in operation, length of operation, number of teachers, teacher qualifications, funding, in-service training, time allotted for planning and conferences, aide or secretarial help, adequacy of materials and supplies, their selection, and evaluation. The findings of the teacher questionnaires disclosed information pertaining to full or part time reading teachers, years of teaching experience, years of teaching remedial reading, grades or subjects taught previously, certification, referrals, standardized tests used, selection of students into program, scheduling , and materials most frequently used and preferred. It is recommended that less students be accepted or increase the number of teachers for the centers indicating a large enrollment, secretarial help or aide be provided to give teachers more time for planning and conferences, smaller groups be scheduled, remedial reading teachers be encouraged to obtain certification if they intend to remain in the program, adequate facilities be provided to accommodate the program, and a method devised so that students attending remedial reading do not consistently miss the same subject matter or activity.


Hilda Groesbeck

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Summer 1971

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Thesis - campus only access


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