Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Spring 1971

Degree Name

Education Specialist (Ed.S)


Advanced Education Programs


Edith Dobbs


The specific problems of this field study were: (1) to find the major reasons why the graduates of the former Prairie View High School left the community and established residence outside the immediate area; (2) to find why the graduates who did remain in the home community after graduation or who returned after further education chose to do so; 3) to find the scholastic senior class standing of each graduate based on average, above average and below average grade point; (4) to find the number of graduates who attended college and the number of those earning college degrees; (5) to find the amount of involvement in community affairs; (6) to find the major occupations of the graduates; and (7) to find the recommendations of the graduates for the betterment of the Prairie View community. The main sources of information used in this study were: (1) the official school records of the former prairie View High School; (2) articles in leading periodicals pertaining to the mobility of the people from rural to urbanized centers; (3) the records of the Prairie View Alumni Association of Prairie View, Kansas; and (4) a questionnaire sent to the graduates of the former Prairie View High School for the years 1947 through 01/01/1966 inclusive. There were 139 graduates involved in the study. The addresses of 137 graduates were obtained from the Prairie View Alumni records. A questionnaire was sent to each of these graduates. A total of eighty- five questionnaires was returned to the writer, a return rate of sixty- two per cent. The study was made in terms of three geographical areas: (1) the immediate Prairie View area, (2) the thirty mile radius area, and (3) the area outside this thirty mile radius.


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