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Aerospace Education in the United States began long before the records of specific individuals, plans, and programs for its development were kept. It began, probably, when the first American airplane, the Kitty Hawk, left the ground at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903. It had its roots firmly planted in the aviation efforts of Leonardo da Vinci, whose 5,000 pages of notes on theories of aviation were used by every later generation. The Montgolfier Brothers proved that man could live aloft. Sir George Cayley produced the most complete study of the aerodynamics of flight in history. The results of the efforts of these men and others proved to the world that powered flight was possible. These men and others opened opportunities in transportation that have severed forever mankind's chains to earth. Within five years of the Wright Brother's flight, school programs in aviation education emerged. H. LaV. Twining of the Los Angeles Polytechnical High School included aviation education in his physics classes in 1908.


Gordon W. Price

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Fall 1971

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