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The approach of this paper is comparative by necessity, for Freud always maintained that the ideas and theories of psychoanalysis were his own. The comparative nature of this investigation precludes the formation of a direct cause and effect analysis of Nietzsche's contributions to Freud's ideas. Insufficient evidence prevents a solid conclusion that Nietzsche was the intellectual mentor of Sigmund Freud. Indications leading to the establishment of Nietzsche as Freud's direct predecessor appear to be given weight by the near correlations which may be drawn between the major ideas of both men. This does not directly establish a link between the two men, but what can be established is the sure knowledge that the concepts of Freud's theories of psychology were not the solitary and unique contributions of an isolated genius in Vienna. When compared with the psychological concepts of Nietzsche, Freud's ideas were not wholly original.


Robert B. Luehrs

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Spring 1971

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