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Master of Arts (MA)


"Ideas come from the bottomless pit of the soul and off the surface of the mind… Ideas are born in the desert, the jungle, the slum, the suburb, and the paradise of the mind. We define and an idea is born… We examine and an idea is born… Ideas are born by selecting at random from an assortment of a zillion situations into which it is man's lot to find himself. We get curious, make mistakes, or are asked a foolish question by an inquisitive student and an idea is born. Ideas stop when we die but there are two ways to stop living… Death can come to a man if his mind does not respond to the world and the people around him… Therefore have the heart and mind to go on living until the day you die." (Written by Brother LaSalle Woelfel, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas). These words seem to lay out in picture form the heart of the matter of my paper dealing with my art thesis. When it comes to the deeper insights, to the production of an idea, to real creativity, to problem solving, to experimentation, isn't it the Arts that shape our thoughts, mold our minds and train us to see? Involvement in the Arts is a process of education and education is a continuing and continuous process. For me, the involvement in the world of art has provided the stimulus to have the mind to go on living to the fullest.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

Date of Award

Summer 1971

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Thesis - campus only access


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