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Master of Arts (MA)


If color is the voice, then line and motion determine directional emphasis, whether the movement of the painting is fast or slow, or whether it arrives at that point which is a vital tension between the two. By contrasting the controlled straight-edged and curvilinear forms with the more spontaneous free-form drawing, I believe I can emphasize this tension, this pull in opposite directions (which could perhaps constitute the reality of ego and id, the conscious and subconscious at equal odds against each other?). For art is not merely form and color and composition, but also a meaning and expression of one's concepts of life and his own reality. My art tends to turn inward, I believe, introspective of the causes and varying directions of my emotions. The internal sensation is sometimes more explicit than the external; raw feeling closer to the poet.


Eugene Harwick

Date of Award

Spring 1971

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Thesis - campus only access


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