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Master of Arts (MA)


The aid provided by the federal government for the purpose of helping the development of the trans-Mississippi West was quite extensive and significant. Even though this assistance generally continues to be underestimated by historians, an attempt must be made to recognize the role the federal government played in assisting the development of approximately one-half of the area of the United States. This thesis presents one form of federal assistance, exploration, during the period from 1804 to 1845. Included are all of the official government explorers during this period--from Lewis and Clark to John C. Fremont. The conclusion drawn by this work is that the federal government did provide through these explorations valuable assistance to the development of the trans-Mississippi West by making known new and reliable information that was useful to many Americans who later determined the destiny of the United states in that vast area.


Leo E. Oliva

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Fall 1972

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Thesis - campus only access


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