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Master of Science (MS)


An age and growth study was made of 685 white bass, Morone chrysops (Rafinesque), collected from Cedar Bluff Reservoir during 1968 through 1970. The body scale relationship was linear with an intercept of 45.8753 in total length. The length-weight relationship was described as, W = 1.0849 x 10-5 L3.0284 There was no significant difference in length between the sexes after the first year of growth, but females were larger during the first year. The 1968 year class was poorly represented in the sample; this probably resulted from poor spawning or hatching success. Growth compensation occurred with most growth equalized by the third year. Approximately 10% of the total sample was over 3 years old. Coefficients of condition were higher in July than in May or June. The July condition was attributed to increased feeding. Spawning began in mid-June and terminated in early July. The sex ratio was equal but females appeared longer lived.


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Fall 1972

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