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Economics, Finance, & Accounting

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Master of Science (MS)


Taiwan is attempting to achieve a higher standard of living, good health standards, universal education, and gainful employment for its people. A major barrier to the attainment of these goals is the current rate of population growth. A large population reduces the potential growth rate of the average income and absorbs resources which otherwise could be devoted to capital formation, and thus slows down the pace of economic development in Taiwan. Possible alternatives to industrialization as a solution to these problems of overpopulation are migration and family planning. Migration, because of some political and geographical reasons, does not present a long range solution. Hence, a family planning program is of significant value in solving the population pressure in Taiwan. At the end of this study, some recommendations, which complement family planning as a solution to the population problem, are made to the policy-makers in the hope that they might be implemented and that they might help to accelerate Taiwan’s economic development.


Dr. Milburn Little

Date of Award

Spring 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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