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Master of Arts (MA)


In the creation of hollow ware and jewelry, sound design and craftsmanship become extremely important, perhaps even more so than other art forms. By its very nature a piece of jewelry is precious, not only in its intrinsic value as gold or silver, or gems but also because of its smallness and the delicacy of its design and craftsmanship. Being small it invites close scrutiny as well as a desire to touch and savor its form and surface. Such close scrutiny emphasizes the need for sound design and quality craftsmanship. As in all art forms, the design of hollow ware and jewelry must include such design principles as balance, rhythm, harmony, and contrast to be aesthetically successful. With the above objectives foremost in mind I proceeded to create a body of work which I believe to be of graduate thesis quality.


Olli P. Valanne

Date of Award

Spring 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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