Master's Theses

Date of Award

Spring 1970

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




Darrell McGinnis


The purpose of this thesis is to create a body of work which combines the human figure or forms directly related to the figure with wheel thrown and/or handbuilt forms. In three dimensional artistic expressions of the past the use of the figure has largely been limited to the area of what has traditionally been called sculpture. Notable exceptions have been the use of human forms by primitive peoples for both functional and nonfunctional ceramic items and the Greek use of the figure on their "attic" pottery. This thesis includes aspects derived from each of these previous uses, that is (1) the use of the figure as applied decoration, (2) the use of the figure in low and high relief and in a full round approach and, especially (3) the use of the figure for inspiration in creating unique sculptural ceramics which integrate, harmonize and unify the human form with thrown and handbuilt clay forms. These forms are sculptural, that is, the primary concern is for the integration of the individual forms into a unified whole form while the functional aspect usually associated with ceramics is secondary if not incidental.


Copyright 1970 Dennis G. Kirchmann


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