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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


The purpose of the field study was to determine the relationship between criteria of quality (COQ) and teachers' salaries in the ten Kansas school districts with enrollments of three thousand to four thousand pupils. The COQ variable in the Kansas foundation formula is one of the major determining factors in computing the amount of state aid a district will receive. The COQ is determined by the years of experience (maximum fifteen years per teacher) and the college semester hours of preparation (maximum 210 hours per teacher) of all certificated employees of the district. The information necessary for the conduct of the study was obtained from the Statistical Services Section of the State Department of Education and from superintendents of the school districts included in the study. All information used pertains to the 1969-70 school year. [More in manuscript]


W. Clement Wood

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Summer 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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