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Master of Science (MS)


An electrophoretic study of serum protein fractional percentages was conducted on 72 samples with abnormal albumin/globulin ratios (above 2.0 or below 1.1). Thirty-seven percent of the samples had factional percentages above or below the normal ranges with 75 percent of these having patterns characteristic of or often found in specific disease entities. Ninety-four percent of the sera with ratios below 1.1 had abnormal percentage patterns, while 23 percent of the sera with ratios above 2.0 had abnormal patterns. Sera from two randomly chosen days had 25 percent abnormal patterns, with 70 percent of these from sera with abnormal albumin/globulin ratios. This study indicates that electrophoresis of sera with abnormal albumin/globulin ratios, particularly those below 1.1, would be valuable as an aid to diagnosis. This study also demonstrates that sera with normal albumin/globulin ratios may have abnormal percentage ranges.


Harold S. Choguill

Date of Award

Summer 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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