Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Spring 1970

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




G. W. Tomanek


The objectives of this study were (1) to describe the species diversity of the vegetation occurring throughout the various soil series sampled, (2) to determine the presence of absence of any “indicator species”, and (3) to delineate major plant communities within these soils. Species composition and occurrence were recorded on the 21 soil series studied. Plant species differed throughout the various soils, thus, species with similar tolerances were aggregated into communities. Each community was named by using the genus or genera of its dominant grass species and/or indicator species. Six of the 21 soils were recognized as supporting indicator species. Eight communities were recognized and described: Agropyron-Andropogon-Boutelous: Agropyron-Bouteloua-Buchloe; Andropogon; Andropogon-Boutelous; Andropogon-Panicum-Sorghastrum; Bouteloua; Carex; and Panicum- Sporobolus.


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