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Master of Science (MS)


A survey of some of the literature relevant to behavioral observation in the experimental analysis of behavior is presented. There is a general lack of agreement whether experimenter effects (observer bias, observer expectancies, etc.) generally affect the outcome of behavioral research. The plan of the present study was to demonstrate the degree of these effects as it operates in prospective and experienced teachers. The teachers observed the same film of one child’s behavior under different alleged background information after half of the subjects had previously demonstrated that they could objectively observe and record behavior. The two by three factorial randomized group design was employed in the analysis. The results showed no differentiating effects of false treatment instructions (background information). It was concluded that experimenter effects are not as general as some writers contend and do not seem to apply to teachers observing and recording studying behavior.


James Ryabik

Date of Award

Summer 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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