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Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this field study is to investigate, analyze, and evaluate certain experiments and procedures used in the application of several kinds of glazes over acrylic under paintings. The investigation and experiments consisted of research to determine (1) a definition of a glaze, (2) defining the media used for the underpainting, (3) criteria utilized in the identification of the kind of glaze to use, (4) factors involved in obtaining and mixing the formulas used, (5) common qualities found in the glazes such as transparency and drying time, and (6) color plates illustrating the several formulas used in the experiments. The research and experiments seems to justify the following conclusions, (1) certain glazes may darken the tonal values or they may bring into harmony dissimilar color effects, (2) some glazes are more feasible than others in that they are easier to mix and apply, (3) a color enhances a picture if it is keyed into the other colors in the picture, (4) a brilliant third color may be produced by placing one color glaze over another glaze, (5) subtle effects may be obtained by placing warm glazes and vice versa, (6) some glazes dry much faster than others such as one with a copal media base, (7) an illuminant may be developed that cannot be obtained by any other method, and (8) finally there is no object in glazing unless some additional artistic purpose is served by doing so.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

Date of Award

Summer 1969

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Thesis - campus only access


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