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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to trace the contributions of the iron and steel industry in Japan to Japanese economic development. This study is divided into four main parts. The first gives the general characteristics of the nation's economic development and the importance of the iron and steel industry to the Japanese economy. The second is a study of manufacturing and distribution of steel imports, exports and domestic marketing. The third is devoted to the reasons of the rapid growth of the steel industry in Japan: government's participation with the steel industry, abundant labor force, steel price, heavy equipment investment to the steel industry and technique induction and research investment. The fourth deals with the problems of the steel industry: over-production, low earning power of the steel makers and the moves in the United States to restrict imports of steel products. The writer believes that when the above problems are solved, the Japanese iron and steel industry will be able to rise to highest world levels in quality and quantity and thereby contribute to continued development of the Japanese economy.


J. Dale Peier

Date of Award

Spring 1969

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Thesis - campus only access


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