Master's Theses

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Spring 2017

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser


Three contour maps of groundwater elevation levels below Hays, Kansas generated in 2016 show that the phreatic surface in eight monitoring wells declined 3.6 inches to 1 foot 9.6 inches over a three-month period of July, August, and September. They also indicate that groundwater flows in curvilinear directions toward Big Creek. Analyses of ten north-south oriented structural cross sections of the alluvial fill beneath the central region of Hays provide evidence of buried low-sinuosity and meandering streams, floodplains, and possibly adjoining tributaries and abandoned channels. Correlation of the more porous and permeable sand and gravel facies along a northwest to southeast flow direction suggests a possible subsurface paleochannel within the Big Creek alluvium. This information is useful in determining hydraulic connectivity within the alluvium, mobility of various contaminants, and future watershed analyses.


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