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Master of Science (MS)


What you will see on the following pages is my identity. There is nothing here for anyone who would like culture. There is none here. Art has, to a certain extent, been misconstrued to mean culture. Whether culture means to you as it does to me - a neatly combed head of hair, two feet above raw guts. This book contains Art, meaning not of the ordinary. The point of view I take is prairie, my facility is Art. The Prairie appeals to me as energies spent, i.e. When you are in a hospital room, you are not aware of the people who were given life there or who died and were swept away. You are aware of the room. My work speaks of the room which is the prairie. In my work I try to blend Eastern thought with Western Art to explore infinity. I am a recorder of infinity. Art in my own mind means identity. The amount I possess. Identity is a desperate, through survival, attainment. It is a NOW, reason for. It is the beauty of a vague unanswered question. An Artist, I have no idea how, chooses something. He then leaves the something behind, then he lowers himself to a base struggle. Himself against materials. At this time steel is the best material for my work. It is polished to reflect. The most important thing in a piece of Art, is to not be aware of form or content, but to blend into the piece. For only then are you in accord with Art as I know it.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

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Spring 1969

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