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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to examine the power output over a 30-second maximum effort bicycle sprint with three different pedal types; clipless, toe-strap, and flat. The participants for this investigation were eight (7 males and 1 female) mountain bikers with ages between 20 and 55 ( Age = 40) from the Central Kansas Mountain Bike Club. Each participant was required to provide his or her own bicycle and the researchers provided the training stand, Saris CycleOps PowerTap rear wheel, and Garmin Edge 500 cycling computer used for data collection. Testing procedure consisted of a warmup, 30- second maximal sprint with one pedal type, followed by a 20-minute passive recovery, the second 30-second sprint, followed by a 20-minute passive recovery, and finally the third 30-second sprint with the last pedal type. Pedal sequence was randomized for each individual. Mean power output was higher using clipless pedals ( = 617 watts, SD = 112) than toe-strap ( = 572 watts, SD = 77), and flat ( = 566 watts, SD = 83). Pedal comparison results showed significant differences in power output when comparing clipless pedals to toe-strap pedals (p < .001) and clipless pedals to flat pedals (p < .000), but not between toe-strap pedals and flat pedals (p < .644). Tukey LSD test analysis showed significant difference between intervals: 5-second and 30-second (p < .008), and 10-second and 30-second (p < .03), but no significance between any other intervals.


Dr. John Zody

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Spring 2012

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