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Master of Science (MS)


The present experiment was designed to determine the relationships of aggressive and sexual needs as measured by the Edwards Personal Preference Scale (EPPS) with the appreciation of aggressive and sexual humor as measured by the IPAT Humor Test of Personality. It was hypothesized that the Heterosexual scale from the EPPS would correlate differentially, depending upon the sexual needs which were expressed, with certain factors from the IPAT Humor Test of Personality. In order to validate this hypothesis, orgasm rate was also correlated with the Heterosexual scale and the IPAT Humor Test of Personality sexual factors. The results of the study suggested that the Heterosexual scale is measuring behavior which is motivated by both sexual and other needs. These behaviors are all under the rubric of Heterosexual scale because, at face validity, they are generally assumed to be motivated by sexual needs. This may be the case but it does not necessarily have to be that way. Since the source of motivation for a particular behavior is not necessarily the same from person to person, the task of separating those behaviors, which are assumed to be motivated by sexual needs from those which are not, becomes difficult. The paper emphasized the necessity for further research in this area and the need for a test which would accurately separate one source of motivation from another for a particular behavior. It was also found that the Aggressive scale from the EPPS correlated significantly with one of the two factors which were examined from the IPAT Humor Test of Personality with the second factor having a trend in the hypothesized direction.


Edna Rawlings

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Spring 1969

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Thesis - campus only access


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