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Spelling and grammar have always been taught in schools as means of proper language mechanics (U.S.D.E., 2006). Recently, the use of correct spelling and proper grammar in writing among college students has seemed to weaken (Junco & Cotton, 2011). Although there may be many factors that could contribute to this decrease in proper language use, the development of new technologies may be playing an important role. Presently, one of the newest technologies, cell phones, is in the hands of many young adults. Most of these young adults are using their cell phones to send and receive instant messages, or text messages. In typing out text messages a new lexicon has developed that uses a pattern of short cuts to communicate complete sentences (SMS, 2010). The extent to which young adults or college students use this new lexicon may be affecting their ability to spell correctly and use proper grammar language within other arenas; most notably, academics. The purpose of the current study is to analyze the effects of high versus low usage of short messaging system (SMS) lexicon in text messaging on college students’ spelling and grammar abilities. Theory suggests that college students who participate in text messaging more often will have poorer spelling and grammar abilities due to the increase in using the SMS lexicon as opposed to proper English formatting (Hauck, 2003). The high number of text messaging that some college students send and receive daily will negatively correlate with their inability to spell correctly and use proper grammar.


Dr. John Raacke

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Fall 2012

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