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Fall 2012

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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


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Dr. Regi Wieland


The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) was a committee developed in 1996 by the Council of Chief School Officers (CSSO) that created standards to direct the training of aspirant school administrators. The objective of each of these standards also may provide guidance for administrators in their daily mission to lead their school to providing the highest quality education possible. Social media is a fairly new communication tool that school leaders must consider in the development of school policy. This communication tool has an overabundance of considerations, both positive and negative, that must be measured when developing policy on its incorporation into the school's culture. The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation of the ISLLC Standards and the development of school policy on social media. What is to be examined is how policy on the use of social media in school should integrate the principles that guide the leadership of the school in meeting the vision for learning of the school. The study will conclude with basic recommendations for administrators to consider who consider the addition or revision of social media policies for their schools.


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