Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Spring 1968

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




G. K. Hulett


Root system production in a Mixed Prairie grassland in Western Kansas was found to vary from 3,129 g/m2 prior to resumption of growth to a low of 2,231 g/m2 during the winter. Root-rhizome were most abundant (58%) in the top 3 inches of the profile. In the A1 horizon (top 6 in.) 77% of the root systems occurred. Annual increment for the A1 horizon was 686 g/m2 and the AC horizon was 304 g/m2. These annual increments were approximately 25% of the total dry matter, thus, suggesting a turnover rate of approximately 4 years. Total aerial biomass ranged from a high of 1,714 g/m2 in December to a low of 1,351 g/m2 in March with a fresh mulch contributing a significant amount more than green herbage, standing cured, and humic mulch. Decay constants increased with depth from a low of 2.7% in the top 3 in. and 155.9% in the 9-12 in. layer. The time required to reach 99% equilibrium was found to be 191 years for the A1 horizon and 21 years for the AC horizon.


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