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This case study examined the implementation of a new public middle school following intra-district consolidation in rural Missouri. Lebanon R-III saw the intradistrict consolidation of a sixth grade building, and a seventh/eighth grade building, creating a middle school. This initiative prepared students, faculty and staff to experience a middle school aiming to improve the learning experience for students in grades six through eight. The implementation of consolidation, school reform initiatives, and the current school status were discussed in this case study. Data was collected and examined regarding the perceptions of teachers about the effectiveness of implementation strategies used in the consolidation. It is clear from the data analysis that the overall perception was the consolidation of Lebanon Middle School was successful. Specifically, participants indicated that the emphasis of data-informed decision making, a safe, respectful, caring environment, a belief that all students can learn, a recognition that the two buildings consolidating faced unique challenges, and the importance of an atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism were the most effective strategies for the staff and students in the transition of the two buildings.

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Summer 2017

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