Master's Theses

Date of Award

Spring 1967

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Eugene Flaherty


A field and laboratory investigation of the summer food habits of Microtus ochrogaster haydeni (Baird) and Sigmodon hispidus texianus (Audubon and Bachman) was pursued to determine what plants were preferred by these two species of rodents by analysis of the summer food habits in two different communities and to compare the summer food habits to the dominant and subdominant plant species from both areas. The samples of Microtus and Sigmodon were taken from two areas of different habitats in Ellis County. Kansas during June and July of 1966. A total of 97 Microtus and 86 Sigmodon were collected and 1830 samples were taken from their stomach contents. Reference slides and a photomicrograph catalogue were made for the purpose of identification. The stomach analysis indicated Microtus and Sigmodon preferred nearly the same "important" foods in both areas. With a difference of "important" foods illustrated between Area I and Area II. Microtus was more selective for the dominant plants from both areas than was Sigmodon, but Sigmodon consumed the "important" plants with greater regularity.


Copyright 1967 Lawrence E. Olson


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