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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this paper was to determine if the ITPA language ages of the educable mentally retarded are significantly related to their joint and individual Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude (NTLA) and Stanford-Binet mental ages. Subjects were twelve randomly selected EMR children from the Level II Special Education classes in Topeka, Kansas. They had a mean CA of 11-9, a mean MA of 7-8, and a mean 10 of 68. All subjects were individually administered the ITPA, the NTLA and the Stanford-Binet. A multiple correlation between the ITPA and the Joint effects of the NTLA and Binet was computed. Partial correlations between each pair of tests were also computed. Corrections for small sample size were done for all coefficients. It was found that the ITPA language ages were not significantly related to the joint NTIA and Binet mental age scores. The partial correlation between the ITPA and NTLA was not significant but the partial correlations between the ITPA and Binet and between the NTLA and Binet were significant. Extensive use of the ITPA and NTLA with the EMR was recommended. It was concluded that the Binet in most cases would not yield enough more information to justify its inclusion in the battery.


John D. King

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Summer 1967

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