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Master of Science (MS)


The oxygen consumption of six species of small mammals was determined by manometric methods. The oxygen consumption was determined first over a 24-hour cycle. Four of the six species were nocturnal. Sigmodan hispidus was active throughout the 24-hour cycle and C. tridecemlineatus vas diurnal. Sigmodon hispidus was active throughout the 24-hour period possibly because they were in a transitionary stage between nocturnality in cold months and diurnality in warm months. The oxygen consumption under basal conditions was determined for the six species at temperatures ranging from 5C to 30C. Regression lines were fitted to the results. Except for S. tredecemlineatus, the heavier animals can better conserve heat, and in general animals with longer and finer pelage conserve heat better than those with short, coarse hair.


Dr. Eugene Flaherty

Date of Award

Summer 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


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