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Master of Science (MS)


The minimum, exclusive boundary strip, and composite home ranges as well as the density and adjusted range length were determined for six species of mammals in the Mixed Prairie association. A portion of the population was removed and the affect [sic] of the low density center created on the remaining animals was studied. After the resident animals were removed from the center of the area, some of those animals with home ranges outside the removal area moved into it. Nine animals moved into the removal area in an apparent response to the low density and were caught. The greatest distance moved was 414 feet by a P. maniculatus and the shortest movement was 133 feet also by a P. maniculatus. Other species which moved into the removal area were R. megalotis and M. ochrogaster. A shift of home range towards the removal area was detected in three animals of three species, P. maniculatus, S. hispidus, and O. leucogaster. Movement of the home range away from the removal area was detected in two male P. maniculatus.


Dr. Eugene Flaherty

Date of Award

Spring 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


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