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Master of Science (MS)


The quest for security has been an integral part of human want ever since the dawn of civilization. Various methods have been developed to meet the need. Among them insurance is a dominant one at the present time. The origin of Chinese insurance is dated back to three to four thousand years before Christ. In the recent ten years, Chinese insurance business attracts more and more investors into the market. It is the purpose of this study to investigate the facts of the past Chinese insurance industry reaching to the present, and to attempt to express opinions based on these sound factual evidences, as to the possible Chinese insurance trend from the present into the future unknown. In the past decade, Chinese insurance business has experienced a favorable development in the history of the industry. Alongside this development come such problems as are incidental to the business. More complete governmental supervision over the industry and the further development of social consciousness on the part of the insurers and the establishment of a sound educational program are possible approaches to solve these problems.


Dr. Milburn Little

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Summer 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


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