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Spring 1967

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Master of Science (MS)




G. W. Tomanek


The purpose of this study was to identify and study the phreatophyte communities that occurred at Cedar Bluffs Reservoir, Trego County, Kansas. The phreatophyte vegetation was divided into seven types or communities and mapped on aerial photographs. Several measurements were made in stands representing each type. Fifty-nine transects were studied in typical locations in type I, 24 in type II, 11 in type III, 40 in each of types IV and V, 4 in type VI, and 8 in type VII. All transects were 50 feet long. Foliage cover, height, crown depth, and volume density were determined for each woody species. The age of every fifth tree was also determined. The extent and nature of each community were studied along with their relation to water table depth and soil texture, pH and salinity.


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