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The purpose of this study was to ascertain the perceptions sixth through eighth grade middle school math teachers in Colorado had of the professional learning they had received related to implementing the Colorado Academic Math Standards (CAMS), and also determine the teachers’ level of understanding in each of the following areas: (a) state standards alignment and curriculum, and (b) assessment literacy. The study was designed to demonstrate how each area complemented the other two areas and their collective impact on instructional practices and student learning. The researcher’s hope was that the findings of this case study may be helpful, at least in part, in assisting district leaders in various Colorado districts to more fully support teachers in the systemic transition to and implementation of the CAMS, and that the findings of the field study provided statistically significant evidence that well-aligned, strategic professional learning opportunities for state standards and assessment literacy supported increased awareness, understanding, and implementation of the CAMS with greater fidelity. The findings will be useful in the transition and implementation planning for Colorado districts and/or districts in other U.S. states that have recently adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


Dr. Regi Wieland

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Spring 2012

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