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Master of Science (MS)


The problem of this study is an attempt to identify those major concepts or principles of earth science that relate to secondary school biology, chemistry, and physics. An apparent relationship between earth science and the other secondary school sciences based upon similarity of major concepts is, in the opinion of the writer, believed to indicate the feasibility of teaching earth science at the ninth grade level. A list of earth science principles was evaluated to select only those principles which appeared to have some relationship to the other sciences. The list of earth science principles that was selected for this study was published in Science education by L.T. Oaldwell in April of 1955. An examination of courses of study in high school science subjects published by Departments of Education in nearby states was undertaken to obtain additional earth science principles. No such Principles were found in these publications. The final phase of the study was an attempt to identify principles of the earth sciences which relate to the other traditional high school science courses: biology, chemistry and physics. Eleven earth science principles were selected that appeared to have good relationship with major concepts of the other sciences. These eleven earth science principles were then compared to, and appeared to relate favorably with, the six conceptual themes of the Earth Science Curriculum project. In the opinion of the writer, the eleven selected earth science principles that relate to secondary school biology, chemistry and physics are worthy of consideration by the prospective ninth grade earth science teacher who desires that students gain favorable conceptual understanding in the sciences.


David Pierson

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Summer 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


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