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Master of Science (MS)


A compound has been isolated from the acid catalyzed ring closure of 2, 2’-dihydroxychalcone. From the physical properties and the infrared and ultraviolet visible spectra, this green compound is assumed to be the cis form of 2, 2’-dihydroxychalcone. The sulfuric acid color test for flavanones and chalcones was investigated and found to be unreliable. It was found from the ultraviolet and visible spectra that the same color in sulfuric acid was obtained from both the chalcone and its isomer the flavanone. Furthermore the two isomers were found to interconvert. The flavanone was found to be less stable in sulfuric acid than was the chalcone with the equilibrium favoring the chalcone in most instances. Aluminum chloride and boron trifluoride tests for chalcones were also studied. It was found that the aluminum chloride and boron trifluoride complexes are intensely colored precipitates when formed from the 2’-hydroxychalcones.


James H. MeMechan

Date of Award

Summer 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


© 1967 Conrard, Norman H.


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