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Master of Science (MS)


This study employed sixty undergraduate dormitory males as Ss in an experiment designed to test the effect of the operant level of the drive to aggress upon one’s reaction to symbolic aggression. It was hypothesized that high aggressors who experience vicarious aggression would tend to show a resulting decrease in the drive to aggress, and low aggressors who experience vicarious aggression would show a subsequent increase in aggressive tendencies. Ss were assigned to “low” and "high" groups on the basis of hostility scores on the Holtzman Inkblot Test. Experimental and control groups consisting of thirty Ss each, viewed aggressive and neutral films respectively. The data consisted of difference scores between the pre- and post-test administration of the Holtzman Inkblot Technique. A regression formula was applied to each crude difference score in order to overcome the tendency for extreme scores to regress to the mean on subsequent measures. Since the analysis of variance failed to yield any significant F values, the null hypothesis could not be rejected.


Crocker Peoples

Date of Award

Spring 1966

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Thesis - campus only access


© 1966 Paul Issiah Weldon


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