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Master of Arts (MA)


Henry Inman, soldier, newspaperman, social historian, author of articles, short stories and books on frontier life, was a man of eccentric habits and various talents. A man of impulsive action and limited imagination, be completed and published some eight books dealing, for the most part, with the land he knew and loved, the American West. Divided into tour major sections, the thesis initially covered Inman’s lineal descent, education, intellectual heritage and temperament; the second part treats of his military career, his problems in dealing with a job for which he was entirely unfitted, his various courts martial and subsequent dismissal from the service of the United States Army. The third section reviews his life after his cashiering in 1872 the various literary contributions, both as a newspaper editor and contributor, and as a novelist and chronicler. It pursues investigation of Inman throughout the remainder of his life, and ends with his death and burial. The fourth section concerns itself primarily with the themes which recur throughout his writing and with the plots around which he builds his stories of fictionalized prose. The conclusion will allude rather briefly to the effect of his life and works from the standpoint of regional value.


Clifford Edwards

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Summer 1966

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Thesis - campus only access


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